Italian Greyhound puppies

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If you are interested in purchasing a puppy Italian Greyhound in the future, please contact us conveniently for you: by e-mail or by phone. We will reply to you with all your questions.

Italian Greyhound puppies Kennel Flora Style

Our puppies are sold with a full package of documents: an international veterinary passport stamped on vaccinations by age, the metric for a pedigree puppy, and copies of documents for puppy parents (certificates with pedigrees and titles).
All of our Italian greyhound puppies have a chip and are vaccinated by age, recognized worldwide vaccines: Fort Dodge Duramune Maks, Merial Eurican, Virbac Canigen.

If your goal is to buy a thoroughbred, with an excellent pedigree, correct anatomy, excellent movement, and an excellent Italian greyhound puppy mentality, in that case, we will help you choose a puppy of your choice and financial capacity - for show and breeding or as a family pet.

Excellent pedigree, healthy, robust genetic lines, proven health manufacturers. The resulting puppies' Italian greyhounds meet all the requirements of the breed standard. We sell quality, well-groomed, and socialized Italian greyhounds!
We want each of our puppies to find loving, responsible, and caring owners became not just for your pet and family member. We are not in a hurry to part with our kids, and we very carefully and responsibly select their future owners.


There are bad statistics. About 20% of people try to return the puppy to the breeder in the days following the purchase!
Why is this happening?
For different reasons. Some have an allergic reaction, others are simply not ready to account, and they do not realize the seriousness of the appearance in the house of a new member of the family. Often, new masters complain:
the puppy does not wear diapers!
the puppy gnaws everything!
the puppy screams all night and keeps you awake!
And some directly say - we changed our mind and want to return it.

Puppy is the same child. When you took him in your arms, crossed the threshold house of the breeder's, and the door closed behind you - you took responsibility for the life of this baby on yourself!
Now, this is your child, 100%!
The kid needs care and love. He wants to eat, write, croak, play, etc., etc. Yes, it is a living being, with a unique character and natural needs.
Like their children, they also need to be educated. If the puppy, for example, does not go to the diaper - teach him. This is a normal process of raising a child. Puppy, most likely, can walk on a diaper, but because of stress and change of residence, confused. Help him!
There are various methods, how to accustom to a tray (diaper), to wean everyone to eat, and not to stop sleeping at night. Perhaps it will be quite troublesome. And what, in fact, were you waiting for? Buy a problem-free toy that you can put on the windowsill and play with when your heart desires.
If you really are not ready for the responsibility, for you the puppy is troublesome and unbearable, and all this you understood only after the puppy lived at your home, the way out is!
You can contact the breeder and explain the situation. The breeder will decide how to proceed, trying to help you. Probably, the breeder will not be able to take the puppy back, since his house has not vaccinated puppies and for their health, it is very dangerous for the appearance of a puppy who has been away from home. In this case, the breeder will help you further resell this puppy. It is logical that the puppy will be with you until you find a new family for him.

The breeder does not return the money, since the puppy is not a commodity that can be returned if it does not "fit". The breeder, at one time, invested a lot of effort and money in growing healthy offspring. Therefore, if for any reason you abandoned the puppy - it's your choice. The breeder's fault is not there.
The only reason the breeder must return the money is if he sold the intentionally sick puppy. Within three days after purchasing the puppy, you have the right to inspect it from a licensed veterinarian and, having received a written conclusion with a wet seal of the clinic, contact the breeder for a refund, provided that it is written in the conclusion that the puppy was sick at the time of sale. If the puppy is sick, being with you - naturally, the breeder does not owe you anything.

Before you buy an animal, think carefully!
Remember, puppies are not given for rent!

Italian Greyhound puppies Kennel Flora Style