Where to buy the Italian Greyhound puppy

~ where to buy the best the Italian Greyhound puppy ~

A cream Italian greyhound puppy

A cream Italian greyhound puppy is waiting for new owners!

Have you long dreamed of an Italian greyhound puppy of isabella color (in common parlance - cream Italian greyhound), but do not know where to find it? We know where to buy such a puppy!

Recently, we talked about our friends who had beautiful breed puppies of the Italian Greyhound (Italian greyhound). Little Italian greyhounds grow beautiful and healthy.

A handsome breed boy named Valentine, cream in color, born on 03.11.22, is waiting for loving and responsible owners. The puppy has a package of documents: an international chip, all vaccination, and a pedigree from the KSU/ FCI club.

If you have any questions about buying a puppy, please contact us.