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What clothes to put on a puppy Italian Greyhound?

What clothes to put on a puppy Italian Greyhound?

When the puppy warm and cozy, it does not tremble, it is simpler and easier to socialize.

We Greyhounds their dress usually at temperatures below zero or starting with 5, if we go for long distances, and the street is damp, windy and wet.

The most important thing in any clothes - it should not hamper the movement of small Italian Greyhound!

So, the first thing you need is a soft, fluffy, warm knitted sweater.


It can be worn at home, not yet included heating, winter coat or a suit, and in spring and autumn for a walk.
Order sweaters and hats for their IGs you can on our website, contact us.

You already know that Greyhound winter you can wear a fur coat or coveralls. Try to buy things on a small Italian Greyhound from such fabrics that you can wash them afterwards. If you have a small dog Italian Greyhound, then it will be relevant to things with great cut on his stomach, as well as a removable set of things.

Indispensable for your Italian Greyhound just become blankets.

Practical, movement greyhounds do not hesitate to remove and wear easily. Sew blankets for Italian Greyhounds can be made of different fabrics from knitwear to fur. In winter, they can be worn on top of knitted overalls.

Caps is important! 

  Greyhounds have very thin delicate ears and cold they need to cover because of the risk of frostbite. I prefer to its Italian Greyhounds hats vvide "pipe". Sit tight, comfortable to wear, as well as cover the throat.

And finally - shoes!

Someone do without it, someone is. Our dogs we only shoes in extreme cold or when the snow falls, as thin little legs quickly freeze and it causes great discomfort to the small Italian Greyhound.