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The Italian Greyhounds and allergies!

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The Italian Greyhounds and allergies!
Dear friends! We will disappoint you. Hypoallergenic breed dogs, just like cats - are not in nature.
The Italian Greyhound is also not a hypoallergenic dog.

We do not know where such misinformation came from. We assume that this is a dirty commercial reception of some unscrupulous divorces. The first to whom we refuse to buy a puppy is people who become any form of allergies.

Italian Greyhound is the same dog as many other dog breeds. And the fact that the Italian Greyhound is a smooth-haired dog will not solve your problem with an allergic reaction to dogs. An allergic reaction can occur not only to animal hair but also on saliva, secret, and dog skin scales. If you suffer from any form of allergies, we very much ask you to get around our kennel Italian Greyhounds Flora Style.
And we ask you to remember - we do not give our leverage puppies for a while to customers so that you test the presence or absence of an allergic reaction to the Italian Greyhound.

For all tests for allergies, we recommend contacting doctors.

You can also visit any dog ​​exhibition where there are many animals in one place and check yourself for the absence or presence of an allergic reaction to dogs. We don't want to experience the fate of our puppies of the Italian Greyhound and guess whether you have symptoms of allergies to the leverage puppy or not. We do not want to reduce the fate of our leverage puppies because of your allergies or allergies of your household, as we can initially find beautiful families and responsible owners for our puppies to the Italian Greyhound.

Thank you for understanding!