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The Italian Greyhound puppy is at your home. What to buy for the puppy?

The Italian Greyhound puppy is at your home. What to buy for the puppy?
Almost every newly-made owner of the IG's puppy goes to the pet store and buys a mass of not only useful but also completely unnecessary things. How to avoid useless expenses and not buy an excess for the Italian Greyhound puppy we'll tell you in this article, as well as give some tips on choosing pet supplies for the Italian Greyhound puppy.

So! What do you need to buy an Italian Greyhound puppy?


You needed a place for a little Italian Greyhound puppy. Try to choose a place for your new pet, based on the criteria for the convenience and comfort of a little puppy, and not just the design of your room and the color of the curtains.
If the puppy in his place is uncomfortable, he will be able to live in your bed. :)
All puppies love warmth and comfort and do not like drafts! An ideal option for our Italian Greyhounds is a soft house and a soft place: fluffy and gentle, soft and warm.


A bowl! Your pet needs something from which he will eat. Here the choice is yours. But, keep in mind if you are growing an exhibition leftist, it is better to use a bowls on the stand.


Scissors for trimming claws! Since every two weeks you will need to trim the claws your Italian Greyhound puppy. Here you choose the tool that will be convenient for you to work.


A shampoo. For my the Italian Greyhounds, I prefer a puppy shampoo or a hypoallergenic shampoo.


A product against fleas and ticks. Advantix or Bars are perfect for your puppy at any time of the year.


Amunition for the Italian Greyhound puppy.



There are many of them in our house! If you do not buy toys for the puppy, then it will play your shoes, steal small things, etc. He will do this anyway, but much less often if he will play something. Toys are needed different: soft, latex, rubber balls, cords. But from our experience we give preference to the toys of Petstages and Trixie.

Enjoy the shopping!

Toys for an Italian Greyhound puppy