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 The lifelong hobby…

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My name is Vladislava Ushakova. Kennel "FLORA STYLE" had been officially registered by the Ukrainian Kennel Union within FCI in August 2013, and is located in Kyiv (Ukraine). Our family has always preferred molosses, but in 2009 our 11 -year-old son, Alexander had showed an interest in the Italian Greyhound breed, or Piccolo Levriero Italiano. That is how Fabio Valentina Premium (pet-name Fabio) had come to our house, being not just a Christmas gift, but an inspirer and a full member of the family. And this fact marked the beginning of many of our family hobbies: during past years Alexander had become a multiple winner of the Junior Handler at the dogshows of all levels, including participation in JHs competitions on European and World Dog Show, as well as victories in the breed ring due to his hard work and talent of our teacher on Handling Anna Tarnovskaya. My husband had become a wonderful photographer, who is often asked to take shots on the Dog Show rings and not only in the rings. And collars made by me are happily worn not only by Italian Greyhounds of Ukraine and CIS countries, but many other breeds of dogs around the world, including World and European Champions. We are also interested in breeding activity: during these years Fabio became the father 12 offsprings, many of whom are Champions and Grand Champions in different countries. In August2012inour  kennelcameIGNikoletta Divina Is Noveles, importedfrom Lithuania,which became abreeding female FS kennel: on November 24th, 2013 the first  Litter A had born in our kennel FLORA STYLE.
And it is just the beginning of the story ...


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Italian Greyhounds are beautiful dogs with very charming personalities