What you need to buy a puppy Italian Greyhound
Italian Greyhound puppy in your home!

Italian Greyhound puppy in your home!

So, with the aim to buy a puppy Italian Greyhound you successfully managed. Advice on nutrition and cultivation you received from the breeder. Here is a question that you need to buy a puppy Italian Greyhound.

Almost every new owner Italian Greyhound puppy goes to the pet store and buys a lot of not only useful, but absolutely unnecessary things. How to avoid useless waste and buying unnecessary things for your puppy, we will try to tell you in this article, as well as give some advice on the selection of pet products for Italian Greyhound.

So! What you need to buy a puppy Italian Greyhound!

First, you need a place for a small Italian Greyhound puppy. Try to choose a location for your new pet, based on the criteria of convenience and comfort of a small Italian Greyhound, not just the design of your room and the color of curtains. If levretenyshu in its place will be uncomfortable, it is likely to move to your bed. )) All Italian Greyhounds love to bask and warm up, do not like drafts. The ideal option for us in the content of our Italian greyhounds became soft cottage + soft spot fluffy and tender, soft and warm.

Second. Bowls! After all, your pet need of something to eat. Here the choice is yours. But, remember, if you grow the exhibition Italian greyhound, it is best to use a bowl on a stand.

Toys. In our house there are many! If your puppy does not buy toys, he will play shoes, steal small items, etc. He will do so, but much less than if he will play. Toys need different: soft, latex, rubber balls, cord. But in my experience, we prefer toys firm Petstages.

Third. Nail Clipper! Since every 2 weeks you will need to prune my little Italian greyhound claws. Here you can choose the one that you will be comfortable working.

Fourth. Shampoo. Personally, I prefer for their dog shampoo for puppies or hypoallergenic.

Fifth. Remedy from fleas and ticks. Advantix or Bars perfect your puppy any time of year.

Sixth. Ammunition for Italian Greyhound.

Seventh. Clothes for puppy Italian Greyhound. But of paragraphs six and seven we will tell you in more detail in a future article.

Successful you shopping!

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